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International Queer Sangha

(English speaking)

You can join the international events of the Rainbow Sangha in English.

You can subscribe to the dedicated mailing list by clicking on the link below.

The purpose of this list is to keep people informed about upcoming LGBTQIA+ retreats in Plum Village centers, local queer Sangha events and international online Queer Sangha meet ups.


You can also join the Facebook group to be informed about coming events:


The International LGBTQ+ Sangha (usually) has the following schedule :

2nd Sunday of the month 19:00 CET

4th Sunday of month 11:00 CET

We alternate the meeting times to accommodate people from different time zones.

--> convert CET to your time zone :


The International LGBTQ+ Sangha meetings are in English. They usually last around 2 hours and consist of an introduction round, guided meditation and/or dharma talk, dharma sharing and a bit of singing and socializing at the end.

So as to create a safer space, these meetings are specifically for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ or questioning.

Feel free to reach out by email for more information.

Rainbow Sangha Linktree

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